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East Brunswick Ant Control

Are ants getting into your New Jersey home or business? Take action and call NJ Mosquito Patrol today. Ants can be a huge nuisance, spoiling food and posing health risks. Plus, certain species can cause significant property damage. Do not worry, though. Our highly experienced team has you covered. We use eco-friendly products that can leave you ant-free. To request a free estimate for our East Brunswick ant control services, reach out today. In many cases, we can schedule same-day appointments. 

Ant Species in New Jersey 

So, what ant species are problems for New Jersey homeowners and businesses? 

The most common species include:

  • Carpenter ants: These tunnel through wood, which makes them a threat to cause damage to buildings and other wooden structures. Carpenter ants nest in decaying wood, tree stumps, or damp areas. 
  • Pharaoh ants: These small, light brown ants can quickly establish colonies and infest homes and commercial buildings. If you have pharaoh ants, you will generally find them in kitchens, pantries, and trash areas.
  • Pavement ants: As their name implies, pavement ants often build nests in pavement cracks. They are known to invade buildings, especially to seek food and shelter during the summer months.
  • House ants: Also known as odorous house or sugar ants, this species emits a distinct odor when crushed. House ants often nest in wall voids, under floors, or in other out-of-the-way places. 

Signs You Should Call for Professional Ant Control

Getting the timely help of a pest control professional is essential for addressing an ant infestation. While you can manage some minor ant problems using DIY methods, certain signs indicate you need something more.

First, you could benefit from professional pest control services if you notice large lines of ants moving indoors or discover nests in or around your property. The same is true if you see ants in unusual places, such as inside electrical outlets or walls. 

You should also look out for weakened wooden structures or sawdust-like debris. These things are often the result of carpenter ants excavating wood and chewing through materials. You will want to put a stop to them before they cause further property damage. 

Don't let ants disrupt your life. Dial (732) 640-5006 or contact us online.


Safeguarding Homes, Protecting Families
  • Satisfaction Guarantee Image Satisfaction Guarantee
    Ensuring your complete satisfaction, every woof of the way! We guarantee it with our unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to exceeding your expectations.
  • Better Results Image Better Results
    We treat properties every 14 days instead of every 21 or 30 days, like other companies. This schedule provides better results than you’ll receive anywhere else.
  • Excellent Customer Service Image Excellent Customer Service

    Our customers are our top priority. As a local, family-owned business, we care about our community and about providing you with the services you need.

  • Quality Treatments Image Quality Treatments

    We use the highest quality products so that you receive the best results. We also treat your entire yard, not just the fence line, for a more thorough treatment.

How Our Professionals Perform Ant Control

We take an integrated approach to ant control that has proven effective. 

Below, we detail the things you can expect when you turn to us:

  • Thorough inspection: Our team will inspect your property, searching for ant trails, nests, and entry points. This will allow them to identify the ant species and assess the infestation's scope.
  • Personalized treatment plan: Based on our findings, we will develop a tailored treatment plan. It may include baiting, spraying, dusting, or a combination of these things. We only use products we know are safe for people, pets, and the environment.
  • Precise treatment: Our team will apply professional-grade control products in targeted areas to begin eliminating the ant problem. 
  • Follow-up and prevention: We may perform follow-up treatments for especially serious infestations. In all cases, we monitor our work’s effectiveness and address any remaining issues. You can also expect our team to give you advice on minimizing future ant infestation risks.

Make an Ant Control Appointment with Us 

Do not hesitate to call us for ant control in East Brunswick. We would gladly restore your comfort and safety. We start jobs with free estimates, and getting yours is simple. All you must do is message us online or pick up the phone. 

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Our Promise to You Protecting Your Home And Family
Unwanted pests are a serious threat to your family's health and well-being. As a local, family-owned business, NJ Mosquito Patrol is here to provide you with the safe and effective services you need to keep these pests off your property. We use eco-friendly products, are thorough in our treatments, and guarantee your satisfaction. Call us now to request your free estimate.