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Reliable Tick And Mosquito Control In East Brunswick, NJ

East Brunswick is one of New Jersey’s most desirable suburbs and with good reason. The township is known for its stellar school system, offers residents access to countless parks and green spaces, and provides an array of important amenities and bagel shops. East Brunswick is also located within close proximity of both Newark and New York City, so many people who commute to work opt to live here. But even this idyllic suburb will encounter tick and mosquito problems from the spring throughout the fall.

At NJ Mosquito Patrol, we deliver reliable tick and mosquito control in East Brunswick so that you can enjoy your yard once more. As a locally owned family business, safety is key to us. We provide natural treatments on a more frequent basis than other companies because we believe that you should never have to sacrifice your well-being. For more information on our services and to schedule your free inspection, please call us today. 

Residential Tick And Mosquito Control In East Brunswick

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Each spring, your home may become a breeding ground for potentially dangerous pests that are difficult to avoid. At NJ Mosquito Patrol, we provide tick and mosquito control in East Brunswick to give you peace of mind. As a locally owned company, we have a unique understanding of area pests and how they interact with properties like yours. Customers continue to work with us because our team is highly attentive, thoroughly trained, and cares for homes as if they were their own.

Each treatment that we provide comes after a detailed property inspection. This process ensures that our technicians are fully aware of where ticks and mosquitoes are breeding and what factors might be responsible for their presence. Each of the products that we use to treat your property is natural and incorporates biological products that are family-safe. For more information on our residential tick and mosquito control services in East Brunswick, please call us today.

Do Ticks In East Brunswick Carry Diseases?

The East Brunswick area is home to several types of ticks, all of which are capable of spreading serious health risks. There are American dog ticks, deer ticks or black-legged ticks, and the lone star tick. The American dog tick is associated with the spread of tularemia and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. As their name might suggest, they usually feed off of family pets and other wildlife. The black-legged tick is the species associated with Lyme disease, which can occur in both people and their pets. The lone star tick is affiliated with ehrlichiosis and tularemia. Ticks spread the pathogens that cause these health risks by feeding off of a host for a prolonged period of time, which is usually over 24 hours.

It’s also worth mentioning that not every one of these ticks will transmit harmful pathogens. While deer ticks are the type that is associated with Lyme disease, not every deer tick is capable of causing it. That said, residents should still take ticks seriously, because it’s not possible to tell whether or not a tick is a carrier simply by looking at them. For more information on tick control, call NJ Mosquito Patrol today.

How To Minimize Mosquitoes In Your East Brunswick Yard

If you’re looking to enjoy your East Brunswick yard this season, here are a few tips to keep pesky mosquitoes away:

  • Address water sources. One thing that mosquitoes look for the most are areas of standing or stagnant water. To deter them, turn over the water in bird baths often, clear out gutters, and try not to let water collect in puddles or buckets. 

  • Eliminate hiding spots. Mosquitoes look for dark and damp places to hide and potentially lay their eggs if they don’t have access to water. Mow your lawn routinely, clear away leaves, and make sure to always dispose of fallen branches. 

  • Try planting. There are certain plants that contain natural properties which might provide some relief from mosquitoes. Those include lavender, citronella, thyme, and eucalyptus. 

  • Hire a pro. While these DIY methods may provide some relief from mosquitoes, they are not perfect. Consider mosquito treatments in East Brunswick from a pest expert for complete protection. 

For more information on mosquito control for your home, call NJ Mosquito Patrol today.


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"I would recommend this company to anyone looking for their services. Owen and Mike came and did a fantastic job. Very professional and Great people."

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"Always the best experience ! Have been using for a year or so now, and it really keeps the bugs out of my yard. We threw a birthday party, and not one person got bit by mosquitos. Customer service is on par and always on time. Thanks mosquito patrol so much for making my yard an enjoyable hangout spot"

Brittani P.
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"The owner is a true business man. Courteous fair and honest. The service man are just as professional, respectful and punctual. Glad I found this business."

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