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Tick And Mosquito Control In Middlesex County, NJ

Located halfway between the large urban areas of New York and Philadelphia, Middlesex County has plenty to offer residents. The community is home to plenty of top-rated universities, healthcare faculties, and job opportunities, and neighborhoods offer a peaceful suburban feel. Plenty of amenities, from diverse restaurants and coffee shops to parks and cultural activities, populate the area, encouraging a bustling daily lifestyle.

Unfortunately for the residents of Middlesex County, pests like ticks and mosquitoes love to take advantage of the space that homes and businesses offer, often settling down and causing major problems when left untreated. Middlesex County tick and mosquito control provided by NJ Mosquito Patrol is the best thing for protecting your property from these troublesome pests.

Our service technicians at NJ Mosquito Patrol are well-equipped to handle all scales of tick and mosquito infestation, and we take our time treating your property for these pests. With our help, your Middlesex County home can stay safe from the health and safety risks that ticks and mosquitoes bring.

Residential Tick And Mosquito Control In Middlesex County

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Mosquito and tick bites can lead to serious health issues for those living around your Middlesex County residence, making mosquito and tick prevention essential for your property. However, professional tick and mosquito control is also a necessary investment if you want to battle active infestations of ticks and mosquitoes and ensure these pests stay far away from your residence.

At NJ Mosquito Patrol, we can keep your Middlesex County residence totally free from the problems these pests bring. Our service technicians provide either ongoing control or one-time services, customizing treatment solutions to your needs and ensuring reliable tick and mosquito control.

Call us now to learn more about residential tick and mosquito control for Middlesex County or to get started protecting your residence.

The Benefits Of Pro Pet Waste Pick Up In Middlesex County

Pet waste around your property is an unfortunate reality of owning pets or possessing property that animals may regularly utilize. Professional pet waste removal is your best option when it comes to keeping your property safe and hygienic. Our service technicians at NJ Mosquito Patrol help you with this and ensure the removal of disease-transmitting and pest-attracting pet waste from your property.

The benefits of pro pet waste pick up in Middlesex County include:

  • Weekly pet waste removal services provided by one of our thorough service technicians
  • Bagging and disposal of pet waste in garbage cans on your property
  • Stress-free pet waste removal so that you don’t have to stress and spend all of your free time outside cleaning up
  • Friendly customer service and routine visits that keep your property clean and looking its best

If you have more questions about how professional pet waste removal can benefit your Middlesex County property, contact us at NJ Mosquito Patrol today.

What Diseases Do Mosquitoes In Middlesex County Carry?

Mosquitoes that buzz around Middlesex County properties may seem like nothing more than a nuisance, but these tiny flies are very dangerous to encounter, especially in large numbers. Mosquitoes are carriers of several different illnesses, some incredibly serious, and the more bites you receive from a mosquito, the more likely you are to pick up bacteria or pathogens.

Diseases you can get from mosquitoes include West Nile virus, dengue, eastern equine encephalitis, malaria, yellow fever, and the Zika virus. Mosquitoes also transmit certain types of worms to humans and animals and heartworms to animals. Mosquito control is essential if you want to avoid the health risks that mosquito infestations bring, and our team at NJ Mosquito Patrol is ready to help you with this process.

At NJ Mosquito Patrol, our service technicians take their time evaluating your property, providing routine mosquito treatments that keep these pests at bay, and ensuring you receive friendly customer service that answers all of your questions. Call us now to get started.


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"I would recommend this company to anyone looking for their services. Owen and Mike came and did a fantastic job. Very professional and Great people."

C Scott.
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"Always the best experience ! Have been using for a year or so now, and it really keeps the bugs out of my yard. We threw a birthday party, and not one person got bit by mosquitos. Customer service is on par and always on time. Thanks mosquito patrol so much for making my yard an enjoyable hangout spot"

Brittani P.
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"The owner is a true business man. Courteous fair and honest. The service man are just as professional, respectful and punctual. Glad I found this business."

Deborah B.

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