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Professional Tick And Mosquito Control In Westfield

Westfield, New Jersey, is a town that offers its residents the best of two worlds. It offers the benefits of suburban living with all the amenities urban living provides. Westfield is a classic suburban town located only miles southwest of Manhattan. The town boasts a charming downtown, excellent schools, tree-lined streets, and a caring community of neighbors. 

While Westfield is home to great people, it is also, unfortunately, home to mosquitoes and ticks. While these pests typically aren’t an issue indoors, they regularly take over our outdoor spaces and drive us back indoors. 

The good news is that with the help of the professionals at NJ Mosquito Patrol, you can take back your outdoor space from mosquitoes and ticks in Westfield. We provide natural tick and mosquito control that will solve your pest problems while being safe for you and your family. Call today for more information about tick control and mosquito control in Westfield.

Residential Tick And Mosquito Control In Westfield

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In our region of New Jersey, mosquitoes and ticks are most problematic during the spring and summer seasons. The warm, humid climate offers these pests the perfect environment to feed, breed, and complete their lifecycles. Keeping these pests out of your yard and away from your family is crucial because these biting, blood-feeding pests can spread disease-causing pathogens. 

At NJ Mosquito Patrol, we offer our customers continuous relief from these relentless, biting pests. We will begin by inspecting your property to learn what is attracting them to your property and where they are breeding. Then, we will treat the common areas of your yard and its perimeter using natural insecticides. After the initial treatment, we will return to perform our tick and mosquito treatments every 14 days. To learn more or receive a free estimate, please contact us today and speak with one of our helpful experts.

Commercial Tick And Mosquito Control In Westfield

If you own a business, you know how important it is to keep it free of pests to help maintain its reputation and keep your employees and customers safe from the dangers pests can bring. At NJ Mosquito Patrol, we can help you reduce populations of outdoor pests like mosquitoes and ticks. Mosquitoes and ticks bite people to consume blood meals and, through their feeding habits, can infect people with disease-causing pathogens. 

People won’t want to spend time on your commercial property if they are coming into regular contact with mosquitoes and ticks. To control their populations, we will develop a customized plan of action and use high-quality and eco-friendly products. By working together, we can ensure mosquitoes and ticks won’t drive customers away from your business.

How Do Tick Tubes Work In Westfield?

Ticks are ectoparasites, meaning they consume blood from outside their host’s body. At each new life stage, ticks crawl onto a host and feed over several days; after becoming full, they drop to the ground and morph into a new life stage. When ready to feed again, they crawl to the top of a piece of vegetation and wait for a new host to brush past them. As the tick travels with its host, it moves into new environments, including our yards and homes. 

At NJ Mosquito Patrol, we recommend controlling ticks with the help of tick tubes. Tick tubes work as an effective method of tick control in Westfield because they work with the instincts of one of the most popular hosts for ticks, mice. Tick tubes are cardboard tubes filled with permethrin-treated cotton balls. Mice gather the cotton from the tubes to build their nests. The treated cotton will eliminate the ticks found on their rodent hosts. Tick tubes combined with our spray applications are the best way to manage tick populations on your property. Contact us today for more information about our effective tick and mosquito control methods.

All The Problems Pet Waste Can Cause For Westfield Homeowners

Owning pets offers people many benefits, including always having a loving, furry companion that is ecstatic to see you come home to each day. However, properly caring for your pet is a lot of work. One of the biggest struggles that pet owners face is their pet’s waste, the problems it causes, and what to do with it! 

Below are some of the most significant issues associated with pest waste:

  • Pests: Its presence in your yard will attract the attention of flies and other pests.

  • Odors: Pet waste can cause an unpleasant smell in your yard.

  • Disease: The build-up of pet waste can expose you and your family to pathogens.

  • Time-consuming: Taking care of pet waste each day is an unpleasant task that takes time away from other more pleasant activities you could be doing. 

  • Unsightly: Piles of pet waste are unattractive and take away from the aesthetic of your yard. 

NJ Mosquito Patrol wants to help you give time back to your day and keep your lawn tidy through our pet waste pick-up service. To learn more about this weekly service, which will remove all the pet waste from your yard, please reach out today. We will pick up your pet’s waste so you have more time to spend with your furry family members!


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"I would recommend this company to anyone looking for their services. Owen and Mike came and did a fantastic job. Very professional and Great people."

C Scott.
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"Always the best experience ! Have been using for a year or so now, and it really keeps the bugs out of my yard. We threw a birthday party, and not one person got bit by mosquitos. Customer service is on par and always on time. Thanks mosquito patrol so much for making my yard an enjoyable hangout spot"

Brittani P.
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"The owner is a true business man. Courteous fair and honest. The service man are just as professional, respectful and punctual. Glad I found this business."

Deborah B.

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