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Protect Your Home This Winter With Foundational Treatments In East Brunswick


As the weather cools down around our East Brunswick homes, the pest activity heats up. You may start to notice increased ant, gnat, or fly activity, especially in the kitchen or in moist areas of the home. 

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to control winter pest infestations with DIY. Many over-the-counter treatments only address small parts of the problem. 

Thankfully, homeowners in East Brunswick have another option for protecting their homes – and it starts with the foundational treatments of NJ Mosquito Patrol. 

Not only do foundational services stop pests from getting inside in the first place, but they can also reduce active breeding populations to minimize future risks.

Let’s take a closer look at what you should know about foundational treatments in East Brunswick, including how the team at NJ Mosquito Patrol can help.

Battling Pests In The Cold Winter Months

You’re likely to spot all sorts of different pests around your home this winter. Three in particular stand out from the crowd, including ants, gnats, and flies.

Here’s what you should know about each one:

  • Ants: Ants are some of the most common pests we treat during our residential pest control services in East Brunswick. 
  • Flies: House flies and cluster flies are two of the most common species in East Brunswick. Adults range from 1/4 to 1/2 an inch and are easily identified by their loud buzzing sounds. 
  • Gnats: Unlike flies, gnats are slow-moving pests as small as 1/8 of an inch in adulthood. The most common species are fungus gnats and biting gnats, although you’re more likely to spot fungus gnats hanging around bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

You’re likely to see all three of these pests during the colder winter months. But how can you keep them out of your house?

It starts with the home pest control spray found in foundational treatments.

What Is A Foundational Treatment?

Foundational treatments are self-explanatory – they’re a type ofresidential pest control service for your home’s exterior foundation. This ensures winter pests can’t get inside, even if they’re active outside your house.

Because foundational treatments eliminate common pests on contact, you don’t have to worry about infestations getting inside. You and your family can rest easy at night knowing you’re protected against pests during the winter season.

Let’s take a closer look at how foundational treatments work.

How Foundational Treatments Protect Your Home Against Unwanted Pests

As mentioned, foundational treatments protect your home with contact-based home pest control products. This is a proactive approach against infestations and is often more effective as well.

NJ Mosquito Patrol can apply foundational treatments within a day or less.

  • We spray the entire foundation of the home to ensure adequate coverage.
  • We first apply a barrier four feet up on the side of the house.
  • We then provide coverage four feet on the ground away from the home. 

This essentially creates an impenetrable barrier against flies, gnats, and ants.

Call Today For Professional Foundational Treatments In East Brunswick

Foundational treatments from NJ Mosquito Patrol provide an effective solution against pesky winter pests. We serve hundreds of homeowners in the East Brunswick area and would be honored to serve you and your loved ones as well.

We apply professional foundation treatments in three simple steps:

  1. Initial inspection
  2. Foundational treatment
  3. Ongoing protection plans, if desired

For long-lasting home pest controlduring the winter months, as well as mosquito and tick control, don’t hesitate to contact NJ Mosquito Control today. Our foundational treatments are always available to assist with the prevention of ants, gnats, and flies.