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How Foundational Treatments Protect East Brunswick Homes From Pests


The foundation is among the most important structural parts of your home. A stable foundation is critical for keeping the home level, insulating the structure, and preventing moisture. Based on a variety of factors, homes are constructed with basement foundations, crawl space foundations, concrete slab foundations, and several other models.

Over time, foundations face a variety of stressors involving moisture, such as expansive or eroding soil that may create cracks and crevices. In the meanwhile, a variety of pests exist in natural exterior environments such as your neighborhood. Many types of pests can infiltrate your home through these small openings within the foundation, often seeking food, water, or shelter.

Are you continually encountering troublesome pests entering your home through openings around the base of the structure? The best course of action involves contacting a local company that provides residential pest control services in East Brunswick regarding an inspection.

Fall Is Here: So Are Fall Pests

In many cases, the demand for professional pest control services rises during the fall. As the weather cools, many unwanted creatures will seek shelter inside homes, which may create dangerous health risks and result in costly property damage. Unwanted pests in East Brunswick may contaminate food and surfaces, introduce harmful parasites, and trigger adverse allergic reactions. Some examples of indoor property damage are rodents chewing through electrical wires, carpenter ants eroding wooden parts of the home, and more.

Are you a homeowner struggling to keep undesirable types of pests from venturing indoors? Implementing exclusionary measures will help limit the likelihood of experienced intrusions. Those with an active pest-related concern should make the smart choice by contacting an experienced provider of pest control for your home.

How Foundational Treatments Work

Pest control professionals might use several potential strategies for treating the foundation of your home. In most cases, the process involves creating a virtual barrier or perimeter of protection using a specialized product. A service technician will commonly treat the base of the structure that expands up several feet on the sides of the home and the ground several feet away from the house.

The exterior foundation of your home is susceptible to downward settlement, upward shifts, inward or outward wall movement, and bulges.

When foundations are untreated, there is no deterrent for many pests who will capitalize on opportunities to enter through crevices.

Are types of insects and other home-invading critters entering your home through openings around the exterior of the structure? Today, qualified home pest control companies have various solutions for limiting points of entry. Make contact with an experienced pest management company regarding an onsite inspection today.

Types Of Pests That Foundational Treatments Can Deter

What are some of the primary types of pests that foundational treatments will deter from the exterior area or prevent from invading your home? Among the most common types include ants, cockroaches, and ticks. 

Those who are experiencing an active pest infestation should speak with a professional for safe and dependable pest control. NJ Mosquito Patrol is a leading provider of home pest control solutions in the East Brunswick region.

Why Now Is The Time To Get A Comprehensive Foundational Treatment

Are you seeking to keep unwanted pests away from your property? Taking a proactive approach is strongly encouraged.

NJ Mosquito Patrol is a family-owned pest control company in East Brunswick committed to providing highly effective treatment options and superior customer service. After receiving an inquiry, a trained pest control professional will visit the premises and perform a detailed assessment. The findings of the inspection allow for creating a customized solution.

Our team of local specialists will assist homeowners with rodents, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and many other harmful creatures. Keep in mind that we offer ongoing protection plans that include monthly or quarterly treatment visits. Contact us today for additional information.

Our certified pest experts will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Simply fill out this form for a free, no-obligation estimate.